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TEXT 10-04 - Landscaping and Screening Text Amendment

Applicant Contact Info:
Town of Ruston
Town Planner
Rob White
Agent Contact Info:
Same as applicant.
Project Description:
The applicant proposes to amend the Ruston Municipal Code, section 25.01.102 by adding standards for landscaping, screening, aesthetics and compatibility.
Project Location:
Zoning text amendments are applicable town-wide.
Upcoming Meetings:
There is a work study session scheduled for November 10, 2010, and a public hearing scheduled for November 17, 2010.  For additional information on these meetings, please click here.  A notice will also be posted in the News and Events section of the website when ready.
Permit Review Status:
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SEPA  Completed/Comments Received 
Planning Commission  Completed/Comments Received 
Council  Pending 
Codifier  Pending 
Dept of Commerce  Pending 
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