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TEXT 11-01 - Sign Code Text Amendment

Applicant Contact Info:
Town of Ruston
5117 North Winnifred Street
Ruston, WA 98407
(253) 759-3544
Project Description:
The Town proposes to update the existing sign code, (RMC 25.01.100), to add definitions and regulations for all types of signs commonly used by the sign industry for both public and private uses.

Project Process:
Since this application is legislative, it is first reviewed by the Planning Commission during regularly scheduled work study sessions.  Once a draft document has been created, the Planning Commission will then hold a public hearing to receive citizen comment.  A final draft is then forwarded to the Town Council as an ordinance where it will be subject to first and second reading (in two separate meetings).  At the second reading, Council then votes to approve or deny the ordinance.  If approved, it becomes law and is codified within the Town's municipal Code.
Project Location:
Amendments to the Town's municipal code are applicable town-wide.

Permit Review Status:
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01 - Work Study Sessions Planning Commision Completed/Comments Received 
02 - Draft Ordinance Town Planner Completed/Comments Received 
03 - GMA Review WA Dept of Commerce Completed/Comments Received 
04 - SEPA Review Town Planner Completed/Comments Received 
05 - Public Hearing Planning Commission Completed/Comments Received 
06 - Review Ordinance Town Attorney Completed/Comments Received 
07 - First Reading of Ordinance Town Council Completed/Comments Received 
08 - Second Reading of Ordinance Town Council Completed/Comments Received 
09 - Final Ordinance to Dept of Commerce Town Planner Completed/Comments Received 
10 - Final Ordinance to Codifier Town Clerk Completed/Comments Received 
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