Intake and Review Process

If you are planning to turn in an application for a permit, here's a step-by-step list of what to expect.
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Process StepDescriptionDepartment
Process StepDescriptionDepartment
01 - Utility Verification Applicant to verify that all utilities are available and that applicable connection fees have been paid. Applicant 
02 - Intake Appointment (optional) Applicant to contact Town Clerk to schedule an intake appointment for determination of application completeness at time of submittal. If this step is not taken, applicant should be aware that additional review costs may occur as the Town attempts to obtain a complete application. Applicant 
03 - Receive Application Applicant delivers application materials to Town Hall Town Clerk 
04 - Counter Completeness Check Town Clerk to determine appropriate fees/deposits, including utility connections if applicable. All applications include a grey column on the right hand side which will be used to determine "counter completeness". Applications that do not include all of the required items will not be accepted. Town Clerk will also check to see if the applicant and/or any contractors have a valid Ruston business license and place a copy in the file. Town Clerk 
05 - Confirm Storm Sewer Connection Fee Payment Payment of the Storm Sewer Connection Fee of $500 is due at the time of building permit application as per RMC 20.02.020. Town Clerk 
06 - Confirm Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee Payment Payment of the Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee of $2,000 is due at the time of building permit application as per RMC 21.01.040 Town Clerk 
07 - File Setup Create a folder on the Town's network for uploading PDF copies of the application and all plans/documents. Once completed, provide e-mail notification to lead review department, i.e. Town Planner or Town Building Offical Town Clerk 
08 - Permit Distribution/Coordination Add permit information to the permit database, create a web page for the permit, and notify review staff that the permit is available for review. Town Planner 
09 - Permit Review Applicable town staff to complete their review of the application All Applicable Departments 
10 - Final Business License Verification Check DOL records to determine if all business licenses required by Ruston have been obtained and are current. Town Clerk 
11 - Permit Issuance Once permit has been reviewed/revised as needed, the permit is then issued. Town Clerk 
12 - Initial Pierce County Assessor Notification (Building Permits Only) A copy of the issued permit must be provided to the Pierce County Assessor's Office. This step may be combined with the permit issuance step above. Town Clerk 
13 - Inspections Inspection of any construction progress as applicable All Applicable Departments 
14 - Second Pierce County Assessor Notification (Building Permits Only) Upon receipt of a request for drywall inspection, the Pierce County Assessor's office must be notified that substantial completion of the project has occurred. Town Clerk 
15 - Confirm Electrical Service Connection Fee Payment Payment of the Electrical Service Connection Fee of $1,000 must be paid as per RMC 18.05.010 Town Clerk 
16 - Final Inspection/Certificate of Occupancy Once all inspections are complete and any revisions/corrections have been made then the Building Official will issue a certificate of occupancy as applicable Building Department 
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