Mayor's Corner

posted Sep 29, 2010, 4:13 PM by Rob White   [ updated Sep 30, 2010, 11:03 AM ]
I have been told I was two for two in my last Mayor's Corner.  I managed to get the dates of both the potluck and car show wrong - my apologies to the organizers for my error.  The correct dates should have been 8/21 for the potluch and 8/28 for the car show.
The construction season in town is in full swing and we have several roads closed as a result.  The new water and sewer lines on 51st street should be complete any day as should the sewer work on 49th street.  Many of you have seen the drilling that is being done on several of our streets.  This work is being performed by a geological firm that is conducting a soil analysis.  This analysis will assist the town when we go out for bid on the sewer replacement project.
Our garabage service has been under review for the last 3 months.  We are faced with some very difficult decisions that will ultimately affect everyone.  Our equipment is outdated and labor intensive and we have not kept pace with the increasing costs from the landfill operators.  In our currenty charges we provide residents a credit for recycling but we are being charged a fee for receycling materials at the landfills.  This no longer makes economic sense to provide a credit for something we are being charged for.  Given our current situation we asked University Place Refuse and the City of Tacoma for bids to take over the garbage service.  Both entities participated in separate study sesions and presented thier proposals to council and residents.  In summary - University Place Refuse would provide service twice a month including recycling/yard waste for $28 a month for a 64 gallon container.  Tacoma's proposal was a weekly service which included recycling/yard waste for $35 per month for a 30 gallon container.  Both firms would provide collection receptacles/containers for garbage/recycling/yard waste.  We are currently evaluating the cost of Ruston continuing the collection service or whether we outsource it.  Either decision will have financial ramifications to town residents.  Your Council is doing a very thorough and thoughtful review of all our options.
This is just one of the many tough decisions council if faced with.
Thanks for reading - Mayor - Bruce Hopkins