Mayor's Corner March 2011

posted Mar 10, 2011, 4:08 PM by Town Clerk   [ updated Mar 11, 2011, 8:23 AM by Rob White ]
The economic climate remains bleak and The Commencement is the latest casualty. The bank has taken over the project and is now evaluating what their next steps will be. They will either complete it themselves or sell it to a developer who will complete the project. The silver lining is that there is no bankruptcy so the project can move ahead in a timely fashion. The town will do everything we can to assist this project to completion.
Tacoma is in discussion with Pt Ruston about acquiring an 8 acre parcel which is essentially 100 feet of shoreline that borders their entire property. Tacoma would then build out an esplanade and allow for full access to the waterfront. Many have asked about Tacoma purchasing land in Ruston and whether we are giving up any rights. The answer is “No” – Ruston has jurisdiction over the property located in the town and that would include the parcel that Tacoma would be buying. This is just like the parcel that Metro Parks owns on the corner of 54th & Pearl – the town has jurisdiction on that property since it is located in Ruston.

We will be having several meetings in the next two months that are centered on the possibility of Ruston becoming a code city. Our attorneys will be presenting the pros and cons of moving from a town to a code city and I would encourage everyone to attend.

Thanks for reading – Mayor – Bruce Hopkins