Sewer Project Update

posted Jun 10, 2011, 11:14 AM by Rob White   [ updated Jun 10, 2011, 11:32 AM ]
The Town’s Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project is moving forward!  The Town Council approved the award of the project to Rodarte Construction (of Auburn) at their June 6th council meeting, subject to the award concurrence by USDA.  Construction could start about mid July assuming that the required approval from USDA progresses as hoped.

Rodarte Construction has preliminarily indicated that they will use two crews, which will result in construction work happening at two separate locations at one time.  Rodarte has not yet indicated where they would like to start.  Those types of proposals to the Town normally happen at the pre-construction meeting that will occur just prior to the mobilization of the equipment.  While project activities are anticipated to happen quickly, the Town will try to keep you informed.  Please check the Town’s web site for updated information. 

The project will include replacement of the sewer lateral serving your residence (or business) up to the street right of way line.  Some disruption of the service to you will occur naturally as a part of the construction. 

Because the sewer lateral work will require connection to your side sewer at the street right of way line, some disturbance of landscaping will occur in this area.  The contractor will be required to restore surfaces “in like kind” in this area.  We will co-ordinate this effort with each residence as best that we can.

One item that we ask you to consider is to replace your side sewer from the street right of way to your home.  This is highly recommended for homes with sewer services installed in 1970 or before.

If you want to replace your side sewer from the street right of way to your home, an over-the-counter plumbing permit will be required, plus inspection and testing will be necessary.  The Town’s flat fee plumbing permit is $90.00.  Please contact the Town Clerk in order to receive the permit application form.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Town Engineer’s office, (360) 352-9456 or, or the Town’s Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Taylor at (253) 732-6823.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we complete this important project.

Jerry Morrissette, P.E., Town Engineer

Additional information may be found on the project web page by clicking here.