Town Council Passed....

posted Dec 21, 2010, 11:05 AM by Town Clerk   [ updated Dec 23, 2010, 1:23 PM by Rob White ]
Ordinance 1320 - setting new rates for Solid Waste Collection (garbage collection).  There will no longer be extra containers emptied for regular garbage.  If you would like to have more than one container, you must sign up at Town Hall for more.  The price for a residential 20 gallon container is now $16.00.  The price per 32 gallon container will be $25.00 for residential, and $25.00 for Commercial.  Commercial dumpster rates are now $155.00 per dumpster-per pickup.  These rates will be in effect as of February 1, 2011.
Ordinance 1324 - Amending Title 19 of the Town's Municipal Code - Permit and Review Procedures.  It provides a permit and review table for several permits available within the Town of Ruston.
Ordinance 1325 - Adopting the 2011 Annual Budget for the Town of Ruston.
Ordinance 1326 - Repealing Ordinance No. 1253 and amending RMC 5.02.020, concerning taxation of socail card games.
Resolution 481 -   Approving and authorizing the Mayor to execute Amendment No. 1 to the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement with the City of Tacoma Regarding Certain Economic Development and local improvement projects.