Ordinance and Resolution List

The list below contains status information for the Town's ordinances.  

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Ordinance NumberStatusOwnerDescriptionAdopted
Ordinance NumberStatusOwnerDescriptionAdopted
Resolution 500 Final/Codified Rob White BNSF Conditional Use Permit  
Resolution 499 Draft Jennifer Robertson Permit Fees  
Resolution 498 Final/Codified Rob White Electrical Engineering Services Contract  
Resolution 497 Final/Codified Rob White Contract for Civil Engineering Services with JWM&A  
Resolution 496 Final/Codified Jennifer Robertson 2012 Tax Rate  
Resolution 495 Final/Codified Rob White Designating Tacoma Daily Index as Official Town Newspaper  
Resolution 494 Final/Codified Rob White Not Used August 15, 2011 
Resolution 492 Final/Codified Carol Morris Adopt Findings and Conclusions For Medical Marijuana Dispensary Moratorium and Interim Zoning  
Resolution 491 Final/Codified Rob White BNSF Wireless Facility Conditional Use Permit Approval  
Resolution 490 Final/Codified  JWM&A Contract Amendment July 5, 2011 
Resolution 489 Final/Codified Rob White Microflex Business License Auditing Agreement  
Ordinance 1350 Send to Codifier Judy Grams 2011 Budget Amendment December 19, 2011 
Ordinance 1349 1st Reading Jennifer Robertson Repeal RMC 1.14  
Ordinance 1348 2nd Reading Jennifer Robertson Master Use Permits  
Ordinance 1347 2nd Reading Jennifer Robertson Encroachment Permits  
Ordinance 1346 Final/Codified Jennifer Robertson Noise Ordinance  
Ordinance 1345 Draft Rob White Zoning Violation Procedures  
Ordinance 1344 At Codifier Mayor Hopkins 2012 Annual Budget December 19, 2011 
Ordinance 1343 Final/Codified Carol Morris Electrical Utility Rates  
Ordinance 1342 Draft Carol Morris Title 19 Amendment to Appeal Procedure  
Ordinance 1341 Final/Codified Rob White Amendment to Electrical Utility Connection Fees  
Ordinance 1340 At Codifier Jennifer Robertson Street Excavation Permit Process Amendment December 19, 2011 
Ordinance 1339 Final/Codified Rob White Amendment to RLMDP September 19, 2011 
Ordinance 1338 Final/Codified Rob White Collective Gardens  
Ordinance 1337 Final/Codified Carol Morris Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Moratorium  
Ordinance 1336 Final/Codified Rob White Amendment to Ordinance 1155  
Ordinance 1335 Final/Codified Carol Morris Relating to Electric Utility rates, increasing the rates twice (2011 & 2012)  
Ordinance 1334 Final/Codified Mike Barth Relating to the maintenance of property and structures  
Ordinance 1333 Final/Codified Mike Barth Relating to Enforcement of the WA State Building code and the Ruston Property Maintenance Code  
Ordinance 1332 Final/Codified Mike Barth Adoption of WA State Building Code, 2009 International Building Code....  
Ordinance 1331 Draft Jennifer Robertson Reclassifying Town as Code City  
Ordinance 1330 Final/Codified Rob White Sign Code Amendments  
Ordinance 1329 Final/Codified Myriah   
Ordinance 1328 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa Repealing Ordinance 1316  
Ordinance 1327 Not Passed David Britton Amending Chapter 5.10 of the RMC, Relating to Utility Tax Rates   
Ordinance 1326 Final/Codified David Britton Repealing Town of Ruston Ordinance No. 1253 and Amending RMC 5.02.020, Concerning Taxation of Social Card Games   
Ordinance 1325 Final/Codified David Britton Adopting the Town of Ruston Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2011.  
Ordinance 1324 Final/Codified Rob White Amending Title 19 of the Town’s Municipal Code – Permit and Review Procedures  
Ordinance 1323 Final/Codified David Britton Providing for an Ad Valorem Tax Levy for the year 2011  
Ordinance 1322 Final/Codified David Britton/John Kugler Amending Ord. 1200 relating to vacation of certain portions of Orchard Street  
Ordinance 1321 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa Amending RMC 16.01.025, pertaining to one-way streets  
Ordinance 1320 Final/Codified David Britton Setting new Solid Waste Collection Rates  
Ordinance 1319 Final/Codified Rob White Ruston Landing Master Development Plan Amendment September 20, 2010 
Ordinance 1318 Final/Codified Rob White 5402 Commercial Street - Variance September 20, 2010 
Ordinance 1317 Final/Codified David Britton RMC 1.07 Planning Commission September 20, 2010 
Ordinance 1316 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa House Banked Card Games  
Ordinance 1315 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa Budget Amendment  
Ordinance 1314 Tabled David Britton Adult Entertainment  
Ordinance 1313 Final/Codified Jim Hedrick Bicycle Helmets June 7, 2010 
Ordinance 1312 Tabled Myriah Mesa Sewer Connection Fees  
Ordinance 1311 Final/Codified Rob White Maximum Load Limits June 7, 2010 
Ordinance 1310 Final/Codified Rob White Outdoor Lighting June 7, 2010 
Ordinance 1309 Final/Codified David Britton Elimination of Tree Committee April 19, 2010 
Ordinance 1308 Final/Codified Rob White Variance - 5311 Shirley March 5, 2010 
Ordinance 1307 Final/Codified JWM Storm Drainage March 5, 2010 
Ordinance 1306 Final/Codified David Britton Chronic Nuisance Activities February 16, 2010 
Ordinance 1305 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa RMC 1.14 Amendment - Fee Recovery February 1, 2010 
Ordinance 1304 Final/Codified Myriah Mesa Repeal RMC 1.12  
Showing 58 items