Notice of Second Public Hearing

posted Nov 4, 2010, 11:12 AM by Rob White   [ updated Nov 16, 2010, 11:34 PM ]
A public hearing for the following land use application is scheduled to be held before the Ruston Planning Commission at 7:00pm on November 10th at the Community Center.
Permit Number:
TEXT 10-04
Project Name:
Amendment to RMC 25.01.102 Landscaping and Screening
Town of Ruston
Date of Application:
May 20, 2010
Date of Completeness:
October 13, 2010
Project Location:
Applicable to the entire Town.
Project Description:
The applicant proposes to amend the Ruston zoning code to include standards for landscaping, screening, aethetics and compatibility.
Public comments or questions may be submitted in writing to Rob White, Town Planner at 5117 North Winnifred, Ruston, WA 98407, or by e-mail at, up until the time of the close of the public hearing.  Verbal testimony will be accepted at the public hearing.
Additional information about this amendment is available by clicking here.
The Planning Commission agenda and packet are available by clicking here.