Notice of SEPA Determination of Non-Significance - SUB 15-02

posted Sep 1, 2016, 11:12 AM by Rob White

City of Ruston

File Number: SUB 15-02/RST 16-1451

Orchard Properties Fill and Grade/Baumgardner Boundary Line Revision


To:                  All Departments and Agencies with Jurisdiction

Subject:          Determination of Non-Significance (DNS)


In accordance with WAC 197-11-340, a copy of the Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) for the project described below is transmitted:

Applicant:         David Baumgardner

                        5401 25th Ave NW

                        Gig Harbor, WA 98335


Proposal:         A proposal to gain City of Ruston approval for placement of fill material upon lots within the Baumgardner Boundary Line Revision project.

Fill material was gathered from the adjacent Orchard Street utility project, (permit SEP 13-06), by the applicant and placed upon the subject site without City of Ruston approval.  The material was subsequently tested by the applicant for soil quality and determined to be clean according to the Washington State Department of Ecology.  The applicant also provided a revised geotechnical report confirming that slope stability has not been compromised.

The applicant acknowledges that placement of the proposed fill will not affect maximum building height calculations and has agreed to utilize previous grades when indicating base grade on the boundary line revision documents included within permit SUB 15-02.

Location:         The subject site is located within Ruston at the northern terminus of Orchard Street near the intersection of North Orchard and North Court Streets.

Lead Agency:  City of Ruston

Contact:           Rob White

                        Planning Director

                        5117 North Winnifred

                        Ruston, WA 98407