Garbage & Sanitation

City of Ruston Garbage & Sanitation Standards

Please follow these guidelines when preparing for pickup:

  • Set cart out by 7am
  • Remove any tie-downs/cords before pickup
  • Set cart with at least 2 feet of clearance fromgreen cart
  • any other objects, such as:
    • Other carts, vehicles, telephone poles,
    • fences and buildings
  • Place cart at edge of street/alley with wheels and handle toward house
  • Do not overfill or jam material into cart
  • Lid must sit/close flat on cart
  • Remove carts from street/alley after pickup

GARBAGE – Pickup Every Tuesday

All cat litter and other pet waste should be securely bagged before placing in cart

blue cart

RECYCLE – Pickup Every Wednesday

  • The City of Ruston accepts plastics that are #1, #2 and #5. Numbers can be found on the bottom of the containers
  • The City of Ruston accepts tin and aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil
  • City does not pickup glass or Styrofoam
  • City does not accept pizza boxes or other food contaminated materials
  • Do not put plastic bags of recycling into cart. Material must be loose in cart


brown cart

YARD WASTE – Pickup Every Wednesday

  • Yard waste is recycled and must be free of trash, plastic bags and other debris. Yard waste may include vegetative

matter and biodegradable brown paper bags only. Do not put dirt, rocks, concrete, lumber, sod, plastic pots or flowers, animal waste or kitty litter into cart

  • If yard waste is mixed it will not be collected




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