Xpress Bill Pay Website Update

Posted on April 20, 2020

The Xpress Bill Pay website is currently experiencing heavy usage.

The current performance issues are related to a significant increase in usage caused by growth and the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Xpress Bill Pay has had much higher usage than has been typical now that many billing offices have closed to the public.  They are seeing higher numbers of new account creations, logins, and general website traffic than in the past. This higher usage has overwhelmed the website during the day and caused both the customer and the City of  Ruston portions of the website to run extremely slowly.

Xpress Bill Pay has determined that one of the long-term solutions is to add new hardware resources to improve the system’s overall capacity. The ongoing trade war with other countries, as well as the COVID-19 worldwide impact, has led to computer hardware shortages and with global work stoppages, shipments have been on back ordered as manufacturers cannot meet the current demand.

Xpress Bill Pay acknowledges the current situation is far from what you’ve come to expect and does not accept the current situation as an acceptable level of performance moving forward.

Once Xpress Bill Pay receives and implements the needed system hardware, they are confident the entire site will stabilize and return to typical performance levels.

Finally, even though COVID-19 has required most of their team to work remotely,  Xpress Bill Pay Support team is still fully staffed.  They are ready to assist you during this difficult time. Please feel free to contact Xpress Bill Pay Support team for assistance at 800-7768-7295 and use their site outside of typical business hours.

Xpress Bill Pay apologizes for this frustrating and difficult time and is grateful for your incredible patience and understanding as they work diligently to return the website to normal speeds as soon as possible.


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