Commercial Development

What Are They?

These are large, complex commercial development projects that undergo Site Plan Review and establish developmental goals  in accordance with the MDP. Types of projects includes new commercial development, re-development or complex development projects.

To find out about the special development occurring in the City of Ruston, browse the projects in the list below:

Silver Cloud:

5125 Grand Loop Ruston, WA 98407
Project Description:

The development of Building 17 (the Silver Cloud Hotel) is one of the  proposed buildings of the Point Ruston Master Development Plan (MDP). The Silver Cloud Hotel will include approximately 194 hotels rooms and approximately 60, 492 square-feet of accessory banquet, restaurant, hotel operations and amenity space. The building also includes below ground level parking with approximately 177 stalls with additional screened surface parking to service the hotel.

The Silver Cloud Hotel was approved under Site Plan Review SPR 15-01 by the City of Ruston on March 10, 2016 and a Hotel Foundation only permit was issued on March 18, 2016. After amendments to the Site Plan Review were approved, to include a plaza fountain and other architectural changes to the hotel, the  City of Ruston approved and issued a building permit (RST 17-1526) to Point Ruston on February 14 2018.

Current Status: The Silver Cloud Hotel is currently underway, with a proposed completion date by next Spring 2019. Pierce County is the Lead Agency for all building inspections on the project and all special inspections reports are submitted and reviewed by the City of Ruston's Building Department.

Contact the planning department for more information on these applications: Call (253) 759-3544 ext 107 or email at

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