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Pre-Application Conferences

The City of Ruston offers a pre-application conference to any interested parties. This forum allows an opportunity for those interested in developing a parcel (constructing a new structure, renovating an existing structure, subdividing or rezoning a parcel, applying for a Master Development Plan, etc.) to sit down and discuss their proposal with the Town’s staff members who normally review these types of projects.

Along with the completed Pre-Application Conference application, (which is available in PDF format at the bottom of this page), please submit electronic copies in PDF format of the following:

1)    A cover letter describing the nature of the proposal

2)    Scaled site plan drawing

3)    A list of questions and/or concerns that you would like staff input on

The more detailed the submitted information, the greater the depth to which staff can review and comment.

Upon receipt of the application and documents listed above, you will be scheduled for the next available time slot for pre-application conferences, which typically occur on the first Tuesday of each month.

Please note that it is impossible for the conference to be an exhaustive review of all potential issues.  The discussion at the conference, or the information provided to the applicant at the conference, does not bind or prohibit the Town from future application or enforcement of applicable law.

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