Utility Department


Utility Clerk
(253) 759-3544 option 2

Utility Billing

The City of Ruston provides electric, sewer and storm utility services. Through the utility department web page you can find out more information on the City provided services and pay your utility bill online, though Xpress Bill Pay.

Change of Occupancy

To change the occupancy of your utility billing please fill out the form provided on this page. If you are a newcomer to the City, please complete the New Account side of the form (which is the right side). All new utility accounts will be charged a $200 deposit.  The City of Ruston accepts only check or cash payments for the $200 deposit at this time, Once your account is set up, there are several options to pay your bill. For any questions about the form please contact the utility clerk at (253) 759-3544 ext 103.



Electric and Sewer

These other utilities are managed under other departments. To find out more information about electric utility connections, meter upgrades visit the Electrical Utility Department. Murrey's Disposal manages the garbage and recycle pick up services. You can visit their page if you want to report an issue at Murrey's Disposal.

For applications and more information on sewer connections, visit this page under the Engineering Department.  All applications for utility connections or service orders will be submitted to the Utility Clerk.


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