Public Works


Ray Johnson
Public Works, Operations Manager

(253) 759-3544 option 4

Public Works: Maintenance Department

The Public Works crew is supervised by the Public Works Supervisor and is responsible for maintenance of the City’s infrastructure.

Public Works coordinates with public worksthe Engineering Department on storm water and sewer management. All inspection activity for approved street permitted projects are processed through the Public Works department. Check the conditions of your permit for inspection requirements. Visit the Engineering Department for permit requirements and project updates.

The Public Works crew repairs the City streets, street lights and street signs. Typically, the City contracts annually for paving selected streets. The Public Works crew cannot repair or maintain private streets. City sidewalks are also periodically inventoried and repaired during the selection of street improvements projects. New sidewalks are typically constructed by developers or neighborhood Local Improvement Districts. Visit the Public Works Standards page for resources and information on streets and sidewalk construction.

The City has one park, which is maintained by our Operations Manger.  We do not currently have a Parks activity program. Inquiries to rent the Rust Park should be directed to the City Clerk's office at (253) 759-3544 ext 102 or send an email

The City provides garbage, sewer and electrical service within the city limits. This means that the City owns our electrical grid. We also contract with Tacoma Water for public water services. Inquiries about these services or utility billing questions should be directed to the Utility Clerk at (253) 759-3544 ext 103.

Garbage and Sanitation services are managed by our Operations Manger. If you need to report an issue, please use the form on this page to report an issue.



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