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Code Enforcement Request Form

Code enforcement is an important department of Planning & Community development. The City of Ruston is committed to protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of life of its residents. The enforcement of nuisance, land use and building codes, cleanup of property, and beautification efforts are an important component of maintaining quality neighborhoods and an excellent community environment.

How to Report

Below you can download  the Code Enforcement Request Form or fill out the webform form and submit this request online. Contact City Hall at (253) 759-3544

Understanding the Process

When the City receives a report related to a public nuisance or code concern, a windshield inspection of the property occurs.  If a violation is observed, a letter is sent to notify the property owner and request their assistance in correcting the situation.

Our ultimate goal is to find a resolution to the situation and the process of resolving nuisance complaints can take time or may be more complicated that it first appears. Sometimes an illness or an aging resident may be the cause of an unkempt yard. Often we discover wrong addresses or foreclosed upon properties.

If a resolution cannot be achieved, the City then issues a Notice of Violation and may turn the issue over to the City Attorney for prosecution.

  • Alleged Violator Information

  • If known
  • Complainant Information

    Fill out each section completely, with your information.
    The submittal of a code enforcement action is subject to public disclosure according to the public records act (RCW 42.56). This means anyone can request the release of the documents containing your name and contact information. However, information revealing the identity of persons who are witnesses to crimes or file complaints with investigatuve agenices can be withheld from disclosure pursuant to RCW 42.56.260 if you believe the disclosure would endanger your life, physical safety or property.
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