City of Ruston Meeting Agenda: In Person August 16,2022

AugAugust 16 2022

All day

Council Agenda 2022 08 16

Council Minutes 2022 07 19

EPA Presentation and Public Comment – July 19, 2022

ORD 1559 Repeal Of Sewer Connection Fee Credits Ch. 21.01 RMC 2nd Reading

ORD 1560 Amending RMC 9.24.010 Outdoor Seating 1st Reading

RES 753 Adopting Tacoma Pierce County Solid Waste Plan

RES 754 Emergency On Call Engineering Services Agreement David Evans And Associates

RES 755 Landscape Maintenance Agreement BrightHorizon

RPD Staff Report

RFD Staff Report

City of Ruston

Regular Council Meeting 

Mary Joyce Community Center

5219 N Shirley St, Ruston WA 98407

City WiFi:  NetGear40  Password:  fancyviolin866

In-Person Public Meeting 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

7:00 PM


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