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Questions about Business and Occupation (B&O) Taxes?

Many Cities impose a local Business & Occupation  (B&O) tax. This tax is in addition to the B&O tax imposed by the State of Washington. The Department of Revenue does not administer or collect local Business & Occupation taxes. The City of Ruston requires business to submit B&O taxes quarterly, even if the amount owed … Continued

What benefits does the city offer?

We offer benefits including health, dental, vision & life insurance. The City of Ruston is an active member in the Association of Washington Cities. We also participate in the DARS retirement systems.

Step 4: Inspections

When you pick up your permit, you will receive a building perm inspection placard listing all of the inspections you will need during construction. When all of your inspections are approved, you will receive a final inspection and your project is complete. Visit the Building Department page to request an inspection

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