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Council Packet Materials: Council Minutes 2019-05-07 RES 701 - On Call Engineering Services Contract  

Council Packet Materials : Council Minutes 2019-04-16  

Council Meeting Packet Council Meeting Minutes April 2, 2019 The Road to 2020 Census

Council Packet Materials: Council Meeting Minutes: March 19, 2019 RES 700 - Lease Agreement - Greenscapes Inc.

Ruston Fire Chief Don Torbet will officially retire on March 31, 2019.  Let’s celebrate Chief Torbet’s 35 years of dedication and exemplary service with the Ruston Fire Department and our community.   We will host an open house at City Hall on Friday, March 29, 2019, from 3-5PM.  Come by to wish Chief Torbet the best on his well-deserved retirement!

The City of Ruston proudly supports the upcoming 2020 Census! Please read the announcement of current openings below: The U.S. Census Bureau is actively recruiting for temporary part-time jobs in Pierce County.  They are hiring for office and field staff and a Census 2020 office will soon open in Tacoma. Through partnership programs you could help...

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