SFR Construction & Multi-Use Units

What type of Project is it?

A new single family residence, multi-family or the construction of new multi-use building are common development projects that will require  Site Plan Review, a Building Permit and a Street Excavation Permit. All of these applications can be submitted at one time and concurrent review may take place. If your new construction will include an application to subdivide your parcel, you will need to submit a Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) application. Click on the link for more information on the BLA process.
Each application form required for the construction of a SFR/Mulit-family or multi use building is provided below, which includes the pertinent application submittal guidelines. The building permit resource list also provide below will guide you through what will be required in submitting  complete plans for the construction of the new residence or multi-use building.

How Much Will it Cost?

Fees are based on the value of your project.  Refer to the Master Fee Resolution 690 for complete details

How Long Does it Take?

The time it takes to get your permit depends on how complex your project is, how many corrections you need to make to your plans, and how quickly and completely you respond to plan review comments. We try to finish our initial review of simple buildings (such as a typical new home) in about 4 weeks. If the building is large or structurally complex, our initial review will take about 8 weeks.

Steps to Get Your Permit

  1. Research
  2. Start your Application
  3. Submit Plans
  4. Get Permit
  5. Schedule Inspection
  6. Complete Project
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