Building Department


Michael Barth
Building Official & Fire Marshal

P.O. Box 185
Allyn, Washington 98524

Building Department

The City of Ruston's Building Department services are coordinated by Michael Barth of Code Pros., Inc. The Building department services includes full building permit application review for code compliance, building permit application approvals, and building permit inspections.

Mike Barth is a Master Code Professional, who serves as the City's Building Official and Fire Marshal. With over 25 years in the building industry he brings his expert knowledge in the IBC and the IRC compliance, to ensure safe and compliant development in the City of Ruston. As a small scale City, development is scrutinized due to the limited space for growth and the historic homes that desire to be renovated. There is a focus of preservation and  protection that creates strong regulations in building and development. Check out more information on building in the community of Ruston under the Planning Departments page.

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