Side Sewer Connections

If you need to replace the sewer line between the City's Main connection and your home or business, you will need to obtain a building permit. Complete the building permit application form and submit a to-scale site plan, showing the sewer line to be replaced. If the sewer line repair work is located within 15' of the ROW then a street excavation permit may be required. Please contact the permit center for more information at (253) 759-3544 ext 4 or through email at

The City of Ruston worked on replacement of sanitary and storm sewer lines and connections in 2011. Click the link to view the map resource detailing the various locations o this past project.  A complete list of documents related to sanitary and storm sewer connection applications and resources are provided below.


Sewer Connection Contractors

Below is a referral list of side sewer contractors that the City of Ruston has provided for your convenience. The City of Ruston does not recommend or endorse the contractors or vouch for the quality of their work. These side sewer contractors may be more familiar of the project details for completing side sewer connections in the City of Ruston. You should do your own research of the contractors, including recommendations from their customers.

Please note that all contractors who do work in the City of Ruston are required to have a valid City of Ruston Business license and maintain $50,000 liability insurance. You may contact the City Clerk for questions about business licenses or visit the business licensing page.

Marv's Backhoe Service: (253) 677-3513

The Pipe Guys: (253) 537-2830

Northwest Cascade: (253) 848-2371

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Connections Forms

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