Street Excavation Permits

Street Excavation permits are required for any construction activities within the Town's right of ways. Examples of common projects include:

  • Gas Service Installation 
  • Sidewalk installation or replacement 
  • Sewer Service Connection 
  • Road Repairs 

Review times for street excavation permits vary by project size, but typically are completed in about two weeks.

In order to help your permit review occur as quickly as possible, please review the application carefully, (available at the bottom of this page), and make sure to include all items requested, including the following:

Town of Ruston Business License.

A business license is required for all contractors, (including sub-contractors), who perform work within the Town.

Project Description

Please provide a brief narrative of your proposed project.

Site Plan.

A site plan showing the location and nature of work proposed is requried.

Traffic Control Plan.

Any lane or sidewalk closures must be approved in writing and in advance by the City Engineer.

Emergency Vehicle Access.

Don't forget to consider emergency vehicle access to fire hydrants and private property within the vicinity of the project.

Indemnification/Performance Assurance Bond.

An indemnification bond and proof of insurance will be required prior to approval. The indemnification bond provides financial assurance to the Town that in the event that work completed by you or your contractors fails, the public will not incur unnecessary costs. The Town's form for indemnification bonds is available below.


Proof of liability insurance will also be required prior to approval. A certificate of insurance must be provided stating that each contractor has insurance in the amounts specified on the street excavation permit application.
Town Clerk,
Oct 11, 2017, 1:04 PM