FAQ Topic: Permit Process

Step 4: Inspections

When you pick up your permit, you will receive a building perm inspection placard listing all of the inspections you will need during construction. When all of your inspections are approved, you will receive a final inspection and your project is complete. Visit the Building Department page to request an inspection

Step 3: Plans Approved

When the last technical review is approved, your permit will be pre issued. You will be notified that your permit is ready, and be provided an invoice for review fee total. You may pick up your permit between 9:00 am-2:00 pm Monday through Friday, at the Permit Service Center, located within City Hall at 5117 … Continued

Step 2b: Revise Plans

Once you receive a checksheet and have gathered the additional information or made the corrections, bring the information to the Development Services Center. Complete and timely responses will speed the re-review of the project. More tips on how to respond to a checksheet. If the checksheet response is complete, the reviewer will sign off and the … Continued

Step 2a: Corrections Needed

A checksheet is sent when a reviewer needs additional information or a correction needs to be made to the plans. Once the reviewer sends a checksheet, they take no further action until you provide a response to the checksheet. Some applications will require a complete plans review analysis. If a letter is composed by a … Continued

Step 2: Plan Review

Depending on your proposed project, plans will be reviewed by various city departments. Types of reviews include planning and zoning, structural and civil engineering. The assigned reviewers check to see that your proposal is in compliance with the specific code or regulation. If the proposal is in compliance, the reviewer will sign off and the … Continued

Step 1: Submit for Permit

Plans that are not simple enough to be issued ‘over the counter’ are taken in for routing and review. To have your project reviewed, bring your completed [Building Permit Application] form, plans including additional materials, and required fees to the Permit Service Center. The City of Ruston currently collects fees at the time of permit issuance … Continued

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