Ruston's Sign Code

The City of Ruston regulates signs in order to assure that the community remains a safe and an attractive place in which to live and do business. The Ruston Sign Code, chapter 25.09 in the RMC is intended to effectuate the need for well-maintained and attractive appearance for the community and the need for adequate business identification, advertising and communication.  This chapter recognizes that the right of a business to identify itself contributes to the economic well-being of the community.  This right can be exercised in such a way as to bring great benefit to the public without affecting the welfare of the business. The responsible regulation of signs may, in fact, improve business opportunity and the effectiveness of individual signs as a result of the increased attractiveness of the City's environment. The City of Ruston also prides itself  on having a much more liberal sign code, which offers more businesses the opportunity to bring more character and aesthetics to the community. View the sign code design standards below to get started on your sign permit submittal.

Prohibited Signs

The following list of Sign types are not allowed in the City unless they meet the definition of a "nonconforming sign" as described in RMC 25.09.080:

  • Off-premises signs and billboards, except as described in RMC 25.09.060 Sign Type Matrix.
  • Abandoned signs.
  • Animated signs.
  • Electronic signs.
  • Pole-mounted signs.
  • Signs that are damaged or have a damaged supporting structure unless repaired within 90 days after receipt of written notice from the City.
  • Signs on roofs or above eaves.
  • Signs attached to utility poles, public traffic signs, trees, rocks, or other natural features.
  • Signs attached to benches along public rights-of-way.
  • Signs emitting pollutants (i.e., smoke, sound, or other pollutant).
  • Signs resembling official traffic-control devices, interfere with traffic, or are otherwise determined to be a safety hazard by the City Engineer.
  • Non-construction signs or banners attached to fencing.
  • Signs which are not exempt from the building code, but do not conform in structure or material to applicable building codes.
  • Garage sale signs that are posted for more than seven calendar days.
  • Rotating, moving, or flashing signs or lights, except as specifically allowed in RMC 25.09.060 Sign Type Matrix.
  • Inflatable signs.

The Sign Type Matrix further explains allowably within specific zones, allowable area of the sign, maximum quantity and specifies whether a permit is required. View the document of the matrix below.

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