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Yes, you can include all of your tenant improvements into one building permit application. Provide a detail summary of your scope of work on an additional page and submit construction drawings. Depending on the scope and complexity of work, the building official has the authority to request stamped plans on smaller projects as deemed necessary.

Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, and similar finish work does NOT require a permit, but if you’re changing the subflooring it needs a permit.

Cabinets that are not affixed to the floor and any other movable fixtures, cases, racks, counters and partitions not over 5 feet and 9 inches in height, and as long as they do not block the accessible means of egress do not need a permit. 

Replacing old windows with new ones requires a permit. According to the International Code Council & Washington State Building Code Council the Moisture Barrier/Flashing needs to be inspected for correct installation to prevent moisture from entering the wall.

If it’s on wheels i.e. portable, it is exempt from a permit, but any furnishings attached to the floor inside require a permit.

Even non-bearing walls must be checked for correct framing; making sure that they don’t cause a “Fire Trap”; there will also be review into the placement of any fire sprinkler heads ensuring that they are not covered or end up to close to a wall.

Replacing sheet rock requires a permit. The Building department needs to check the fire separation between you and the other tenants.

Even if you are just putting in new sinks or a toilet, all new fixture installations require inspection for correct installation, traps and venting. The City of Ruston is also tasked with making sure that a person with a physical disability can independently enter and use a public facility or building according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The City of Ruston will also verify that your business is not overloading the capacity of our water system.

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